Environmental Security Technology Certification Program

The Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP) is a Department of Defense (DoD) program that promotes innovative, cost-effective environmental technologies through demonstration and validation at DoD sites.

In 2006, HMSI (later purchased in 2007 by Summit Envirosolutions, Inc.) began a support role to GeoTrans, Inc. in a demonstration and validation project for SampleOptimizerTM & SampleTrackerTM. The project, ER-0629, is scheduled for completion by Q4 2009.

ER-0629 Fact Sheet
ER-0629 Final Report

As part of the demonstration and validation project, Summit Envirosolutions, Inc. agreed to distribute the software executables as they existed at the time of the project's completion to certain users: government employees and educational users (must be in .gov, .mil, or .edu domains) and private contractors (exclusively for use on government sites).

Note: Potential users must completely fill out a license application form (.doc) and submit it to:


in order to receive the SampleOptimizerâ„¢ & SampleTrackerâ„¢ installer and a license file which will be necessary to successfully install the software.

Please note that these unpaid licenses do not include any technical support. However, technical support for these licenses is available on a paid basis.